Thursday, February 03, 2011

'Disegno in Città' al Museo Archeologico / 'Sketching in the City' lesson at the Archeology Museum

Ci siamo divertiti tanto a disegnare al Museo Archeologico questo sabato...ecco alcuni commenti e foto!
We had a great time drawing at the Archeology Museum this are some comments and photos!

The class was great, really enjoyed it. The tips and personal one-on-one advice was very helpful. The information/demo was very useful in regards to the steps in sketching. I was definitely able to reconsider perspective choices when choosing what to draw with the advice I was given. I would be more than happy to take more classes. Also beneficial - the small number of students made it very easy and more personal. Thank you!

I enjoyed today’s lesson. I thought it was productive in that it got me sketching again. I liked the location and the lesson/demo that Mike gave at the beginning
was helpful. I would definitely take another class. Thank you!

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