'It was great to meet you at the Norton Simon Museum. The instruction was terrific. You have a very calm, soft spoken style with loads of knowledge to share. Teachers are a special lot. Not everyone can teach. It was my pleasure to be in your class. I look forward to the next one.'

"I had a really great time with Mike. Though I'd taken drawing before, I wasn't very confident and hadn't ever worked with color. He did a great job explaining the basics and was able to distill the concepts into easily understandable phrases. His comment that I should focus on painting the relationships between things was extremely well-put and helpful."

“I have been drawing since I was 4 years old. I remember all those afternoons spent with my brothers drawing comics for my parents, relatives and then for friends and colleagues. Everybody always told me I was very talented, that my drawings were wonderful and that I had chosen the wrong work, since my future was as an artist and not as an engineer.
This I think was the reason for which last November my wife, as a birthday present, booked Mike for five lessons (she found his flyer posted somewhere in a restaurant): after the first one I understood what drawing really was! That lesson opened my mind such that after the five lessons expired I asked Mike to carry on with the sixth, the seventh and I’m still there after 4 months!
Mike is very patient, teaches very well and most important is really clever. Although he paints and draws how I have always dreamed, he shows you all his best when he animates. And all the concepts I have learned moving my first steps into the animation world are reflected in every still picture I do. As Mike always says, even from a still frame you can express movement: and Mike knows very well how to do that.
Believe me, unless you are a professional drawer contact Mike and benefit from his big experience in Disney. It is not just a matter of drawing better, but you will learn how to design your composition, to choose color strategies, to define the right staging, character design and everything you need to make your picture look like you have never imagined.”


"My three weeks of painting with Mike along the Arno were some of the best hours spent in italy. Mike saw how far I had reached in my painting, the blocks and the limitations. We reorganized, did a quick course from the beginning, and produced one of my best paintings yet, with a much more comprehensive view on my part, pulling together a lot of information, in a way that was just right for me. I feel I moved ahead both in my painting and in appreciation of painting in general. Thanks, Mike."


"I very much like the concept of 'drawing energy'. I also thought that his lesson was very helpful to me because now I have a 'punto di partenza'-a starting point when I want to draw a figure."