Dei Mori Bed and Breakfast in Florence

Intimate, warm, and charming, Dei Mori Bed and Breakfast is located right in the heart of historic Florence, on Via Dante Alighieri 12, and is now collaborating with me to offer sketching and painting instruction to its guests. Dei Mori's extremely helpful and friendly staff pays extra attention to providing guests with advice that affords them a special and personalized experience of Florence. Stepping into this B & B is like being welcomed into a Florentine home, and you will be treated just so by Suzanne and staff.

Riva Lofts in Florence

Riva Lofts is situated along the beautiful Arno river and features beautiful, modern apartments for short or long-term rent. I am collaborating with the owners to offer sketching instruction to guests. Please VISIT THEIR SITE and perhaps you'll want to book a sketching package weekend!


Recently I've begun a collaboration with the luxury membership residence Palazzo Tornabuoni, located on Via Tornabuoni in Florence, one of the most chic shopping streets in Europe. Members purchase the right to the use of an apartment at any time they like, for a lifetime. This is one of the most beautiful and meticulously renovated palaces you will ever see.

The group I did a lesson with recently was composed of two families, one from New York and the other from Paris. There were two adults and seven children.

First we visited and sketched in Piazza Signoria, and then for the remainder of our three hours next to the caroussel in Piazza della Repubblica.

We had a great time and the kids as well as the adults were very excited about their experience and said they were looking forward to the next time!

The event coordinator at Palazzo Tornabuoni had this feedback to give me about the lesson: 'Dear Mike, I really want to thank you for making our members so happy. The kids were blown away by your class. I am sure their publicity will give you A LOT of work!!!!!!!'


February 23rd and 25th Mike gave a two-part workshop on "The Principles of Animation and Drawing the Human Figure". The lecture on the 23rd was about the development of animation and the principles that have allowed animators to create their amazing characters over the last seventy years. The emphasis of the talk was on the tradition of hand-drawn animation, specifically at the Disney studio. Students learned about principles such as 'squash and stretch', 'anticipation and follow-through', and 'arcs' to understand how animation is created, and more generally how animators approach drawing. On Wednesday the 25th eight students participated in a two-hour drawing session, where they applied the principles of animation to drawing from a human model. They did exercises such as pushing the gesture of their drawings, actually taking the same pose as the model was taking to have a 'kinesthetic' appreciation for the gesture, and finally drew the model in a 'moving pose', which required very fast drawing to jot down the essence of the fleeting pose. It was a great two evenings!